Stop Wasting Time with Manual Reporting

Our automated marketing reports will save you hundreds of hours every month. Say goodbye to manual reports and repetitive tasks, and hello to efficiency. 🚀

Tools For Marketers and Brands

Pacing Dashboard

Track spend or goal progress and performance in real-time with our Pacing Dashboard, ensuring your goals stay on course.

Creative Dashboard

Effortlessly analyze cross-platform creative performance. Gain insights into campaign success, engagement, and ROI for comprehensive creative reports.

Automated Snapshot

Send automated client reports effortlessly – snapshots weekly, monthly, or quarterly. No manual updates needed; just press a button.

Full Funnel Dashboard

Combine marketing channels, visualize interactions, and monitor KPIs seamlessly. Integrate with CRM for comprehensive insights.

Seasonal Recap

Gain insights into your Black Friday Cyber Monday campaigns. Track sales, engagement, and ROI effortlessly for a comprehensive seasonal report.

Don't let spreadsheets and repetitive tasks eat up your time.

🚀 Going from platform to platform to monitor and export data takes so much time. 

🚀 Manually updating data and reports is a recipe for mistakes and headaches. 

🚀 Creating detailed reports for each client is time consuming and requires time you could be using to make optimizations or close more clients.

Our Process

Orbitlytics crafts custom dashboards and automated reports tailored to your business goals, providing you with a powerful advantage in leveraging data for marketing success.

Data Collection & Storage

Orbitlytics integrates your data from different channels all while keeping in mind that your data remains securely in your control. At any time, you have the freedom to access, manage, and utilize your data as needed.

Data Organization

After connecting to your sources, your data assets stay consistently up-to-date, unified, and well-prepared. You can choose whether your data updates on a weekly, daily, or hourly basis.

Report Visualization

Leveraging your connected data, our team of experts designs personalized dashboards and automated reports that align precisely with your business's KPIs and priorities.

Better Data-Driven Decisions

By entrusting our expert team to create customized dashboards and automated reports aligned with your business's goals, you gain a significant advantage in making better data-driven marketing decisions.


"Saved 52 hours a week"

Automating weekly client reports has saved a client at least 52 hours every week. This time efficiency not only simplifies reporting but also boosts overall productivity, allowing our client to focus on strategic, value-added tasks, ultimately improving their business performance.


"We look at this Dashboard daily."

Overall the benefit of having automated reports has been the increase in efficiency. We look at this dashboard daily. Being able to compare data overtime has also been a huge benefit when making changes to our marketing strategy.



"We doubled our client acquisition."

We’ve gained comprehensive insights into our Google Ads performance. We now have a clearer view of keyword conversions and can delve deeper into down-funnel reporting, enhancing our understanding of our marketing efforts.



Ready for takeoff

Ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

Our service simplifies and automates your reporting process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – crafting marketing campaigns that make a real impact.